How To Make Strawberry Black Tea

Strawberry Black Tea

How To Make Strawberry Black Tea

If you are looking for a simple and healthy way on how to make strawberry black tea, here is the recipe. It is made with ripe strawberries. It is a traditional drink that can be prepared for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The sweetness and flavor of this drink will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Strawberries are great for making teas. They can be steeped in hot or cold water to create iced teas; flavored teas and black tea is other excellent way to enjoy them. However, this recipe for black tea with strawberries is made with black tea, not black tea infused with strawberries. Black tea, along with mint leaves, is a great way to give your body the antioxidants it needs without the added sugars. When you combine black tea with flavored strawberries, you can create a delicious black tea that will have you coming back every day.

Strawberry Black Tea recipe
Middle East black tea in a cup with dried fruits and nuts. Vintage wooden background, selective focus

Ingredients To Make Strawberry Black Tea:

  • boiling water
  • cold water
  • ice
  • teabags (Earl Gray or green or Black tea)
  • sliced strawberries
  • lime or lemon
  • Regular granulated sugar, to taste.
Strawberry Black Tea procedure
Mix dried fruits (date palm fruits, prunes, dried apricots, raisins) and nuts, and traditional Arabic tea. Ramadan (Ramazan) food. Top view

Instructions Of How To Make Strawberry Black Tea:

  • Healthy way on how to make strawberry black tea, here is the recipe. It is made with ripe strawberries. Strawberry black tea is a traditional drink that can be present with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The sweetness and flavour of this drink will surely satisfy your taste buds.
  • Here I will tell you a different way of how to make strawberry black te. You can use a tea ball for easy steeping. Use a mesh strainer, too, for extra flavour. You can also use a regular tea bag or a plastic wrap as the cup. Prepare a liquid base by boiling water. Add the tea powder and grind it well.
  • Use a blender or processor to grind the strawberry into powder form. Add to the base. Boil the water. Let it steep for around 2 hours or more.
  • Next, remove the leaves from the strawberries and add them to the base. Mix and repeat the procedure until the tea is brewed. When you think the tea has cooled down, add some ice and enjoy.
  • When drinking, do not add any milk or sugar. Instead, add some honey and lemon to give it some extra flavouring. Adding milk or sugar will dilute the quality of this tea. It is better to leave it as it is.
  • The tea will taste good when served hot or cold. Whichever way you do it, you will enjoy every drop. It has a simple syrup base. The price of this tea is very reasonable, especially if you buy them in bulk. Because of its low cost, it is easy to find a place that sells it.
  • When learning how to make strawberry black tea, it is essential to note some safety precautions that one should observe. It is ideal to use a steamer to make it easier for you. You can either use an expensive tea set or a simple teacup and saucer. Steaming your green tea will help in retaining the flavour and aroma.
  • If you want your tea to taste its best, try brewing a cup before you drink it. Let the water cool down before sipping. This will help eliminate any hard water and also prevent your tea from becoming too strong. Drinking blackberry tea is not only a healthy choice but also a refreshing treat. It is a great tea to serve with any dessert.
  • In my opinion, black tea is better than green tea. That is why it is often called universal tea. However, the question that many have is, how do you get to drink this delicious tea. Luckily, there are several options.
  • One option is to purchase loose tea. It is the easiest way to get your hands on strawberry black tea. Unfortunately, it can be costly. But if it is well-chosen and is from a high-grade tea, then it will certainly cost you less. It is also an option for people who don’t want to spend too much.
  • Another option is to purchase tea bags. These tea bags can be purchased at most online and regular stores. They are made specifically to contain a specific variety of herbs. It is the more convenient option for people who enjoy drinking strawberry black tea. However, it isn’t as good as the loose-leaf version.
  • Lastly, you can always buy a ready-made strawberry tea. First of all, you are not sure how the tea was made. Second of all, the tea might not have the flavour you are looking for.
Strawberry Black Tea
Turkish tea in traditional glass with dried fruits
Strawberry Black Tea
Turkish tea in traditional glass with dried fruits
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